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Cultural Awareness | Sigma Lambda Gamma UCLASigma Lambda Gamma


In our Chapter and across the nation, Sigma Lambda Gamma participates in many different events that pertain to cultural awareness. The diversity within our organization both locally and nationally allows us to learn about and embrace different cultures. With over 115 different ethnicities in our nationwide organization, we believe it is important to educate ourselves in order to become both socially and business ready when we interact with people from different backgrounds. Our Chapter demographics encompasses many cultures, including Mexican, Chicana, Guatamalan, Salvadorian, Colombian, Ecuadorian, Chinese, Armenian, Syrian, Black, Lebanese, Egyptian, Native American and Persian sisters.

There are a plethora of events on campus that allow us as a chapter to participate in expanding our cultural awareness. Muslim Student Union held a workshop recently on the significance of the hijab and women empowerment, a session that some of our Sisters were able to take part of. Every year, UCLA organizes a Pow Wow held on the intramural fields, which gives Sisters an opportunity to learn about the Native American tradition of dance and culture.


Along with many of the cultural events held on campus, we host cultural awareness workshops among ourselves and invite others to join so that we can continue to fulfill our principle. Events range from potluck dinners composed of cuisines from different countries to workshops on the history of belly dancing. We also have participated in Mariachi Night, Korean Culture Night, Japanese Culture Night, Aztec Dancing, Hindi Night, Around the World Fashion Show, among many other events. Sigma Lambda Gamma believes that Culture is Pride, Pride is Success. We celebrate the diversity of the backgrounds of all the members of our sorority. Through these efforts in cultural awareness, we expect that each woman will explore their roots and traditions and share those with other individuals so that cultural understanding and respect are promoted. We hope to create new traditions for future generations of women to celebrate their identity and heritage with pride and joy throughout the college years.