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Morals & Ethics | Sigma Lambda Gamma UCLASigma Lambda Gamma

Morals and Ethics


Because we are the only Sorority that has Morals and Ethics as a principle, we go above and beyond to ensure that Sisters uphold this principle at all times. As members of Sigma Lambda Gamma we display good sound moral judgment at all times, respecting the fact that we are always viewed as representatives of this organization. Our behavior not only reflects our individual value systems, but also influences others perceptions of the sorority. We are considerate and kind to all people, giving people the same respect we would like to be given. As a member of Sigma Lambda Gamma we always represent sisterhood, remembering individual actions reflect on the sorority as a whole. We, as Women of Distinction, understand that by respecting who we are, in whichever situation we may encounter, will allow us to grow into strong individuals, women, and professionals.

One of the ways we uphold this this principle is by having our annual Women Empowerment Week, where we come together as Sisters, alongside other women, and raise awareness amongst ourselves and our community. Women Empowerment Week educates the UCLA community on how women can protect our mental and physical state so that we may carry on a healthy life and healthy relationships with others. Our events for this week include a Denim Day workshop co-programmed with another Sorority on campus, and raise awareness of female rape and assault globally. We also host an annual Self-Defense workshop, where we have a police officer teach us self-defense moves that will allow us to protect ourselves should we ever be attacked. The purpose of Women Empowerment Week is to increase awareness of our surroundings and give us the knowledge to become stronger and more confident with the ability to defend ourselves in every situation.


Developing and maintaining good moral judgement and representing ourselves & our sisterhood with ethical practices are two characteristics that every sister strives to achieve.

Sorority Human Dignity Statement:  Our Sorority has, since inception, encouraged each member to strive for self-respect and self-knowledge in an effort to foster the personal development of each member. Sigma Lambda Gamma supports the concept of equality and is committed to building a society where human judgments are based on merit, without regard to gender, race, religious preference, sexual orientation or disability. The sorority is committed to eliminating sexual harassment by educating her members about their personal worth. Sigma Lambda Gamma firmly repudiates actions and statements that negate the concepts of self-respect, personal development, equality and dignity.