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Sorority Traditions | Sigma Lambda Gamma UCLASigma Lambda Gamma


STEPPING is a tradition where members synchronize their moves so that they are in a sense performing their own dance, without music. In stepping, members will clap, stomp with their feet, jump, and create their own beat by doing so. Stepping is a tradition that dates back to the first historically Black Greek organizations, also known as the Divine 9.

STROLLING is a tradition that traces back to the early 1900’s to the historically Black Greek organizations such as Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, (the first historically black Greek sorority) and is a tradition practiced by many organizations to this day. Strolling functions by having members of a particular Greek organization line up one after another. They begin to move forward in the same dance motions or many times alternating dance moves. The practice of strolling is a very organized event, as members in a line knows every step of the choreographed stroll. As the only Latina based, multicultural Sorority that stems from a Divine 9 organization (Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.), the art of stepping and strolling is a tradition that we continue to practice within our organization.

There are many different strolls which form part of Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Inc. including many regional, and national strolls, as well as Chapter strolls. Strolling displays unity and togetherness within our sisterhood. Strolling is commonly seen at regional as well as national events where sisters from different chapters come together.

Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Inc. has many step/stroll teams teams. One of the most active teams in the region is called G Squad, comprised of undergraduate and alumnae sisters from the various Chapters across the Western Region. Our step/stroll teams often participate in competitions to display our skills as well as showcase the sorority. We pride ourselves in our stepping because it displays our culture, individualism, and connection with our traditions. At the Delta Gamma Chapter, we often participate in step/stroll shows sponsored by other Greek organizations on campus.